NSNS is a digital platform for cultural and artistic exploration of human condition.

NSNS is a shortcut for connecting to fellow human beings all over the world via culture. The term culture meaning not the one that we sell and buy and consume, but the one based on real values. Here we talk culture that includes a broad range of forms, from art, technology, and social organization to any human activity that has symbolic meaning.

NSNS is a music-inspired return to what really deserves attention i. e. humanity.

We see music as a universal common ground, one of those “cultural forces” that bring people together. While the aim is to transcend borders and divisions, we stay infinitely inspired by our global community, Mexico City and Latin America as a whole.

Above all, NSNS is a living phenomenon, a process, and a journey to somewhere better.

NSNS is a Latin America based collaborative content platform under the umbrella of creative agency Endémico.

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Presented by Sophie Kübler (Editor)

Thank you to Giovanni Rozo Rodríguez for the final push on the logo design.

Contact: nsns@endemico.mx